Investing in Diamonds: High-Value Shares in 5ct. D-Flawless Stones

Image: Kwiat
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Luxus has partnered with US jeweller Kwiat to offer shares in a 5-carat diamond, marking the platform's third public asset offering. The diamond, which has a market capitalization of $400,000, is a round brilliant-cut, D-flawless stone with "excellent" polish and symmetry, cut and polished by Kwiat. Luxus enables the public to buy fractional shares of precious items and gems, and holds a 10% stake in each product, with the assets remaining in secure vaults. 


The International Gemological Institute and Gemological Institute of America authenticate and value the stones, with Luxus' advisory board signing off on valuations before launch. 


The 5-carat diamond is the first in Luxus' new "Flawless Collection" and is from a type IIa rough extracted by Lucara Diamond Corp. at its Karowe mine in Botswana. According to Luxus founder Dana Auslander, diamonds of flawless clarity have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 and gold over the past three years, making them a valuable investment in an inflationary environment.