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How To Pick the Right Gemstone for Your Design | Jewellery Design House

When choosing gemstones for jewellery, we tend to focus on colour. Although the colour is a huge factor, there are several other things to consider. 

Before anything else, let’s review the definition of gemstones.

Most gems are pieces of mineral crystals, but some are “organics,” such as pearl and amber. Organics don’t share the distinctive crystal structure and are created by animals. 

Globally, there are 4000 different minerals, and over 300 of them are listed as gemstones by the International Gem Society. Only 16 of these gemstones are regularly used in jewellery making. 

So, how do you choose from these gemstones?

Determine The Type of Jewellery You’ll Be Making

Are you going to make a ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace? 

For example, despite the ethereal elegance of moonstone, it is soft (Mohs hardness scale: 6 to 6.5). One strong hit, and it can cleave into two. It means this gemstone isn’t an excellent choice for rings. Softer gemstones are more suitable in necklaces, earrings, and brooches. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a ring out of them!You can still make rings out of softer gemstones. Remember to avoid wearing it in a setting where it’s likely to hit hard objects.

The Occasion

A piece of bespoke jewellery is often created to mark an occasion in the recipient’s life, such as an engagement, anniversary, or milestone birthday. You may choose a gemstone associated with a specific number of years or the birth month. 

If it’s for a marriage proposal, either complement the primary stone with gems or opt for a meaningful gemstone for your relationship. 

The Story Behind Different Gemstones

Some cultures are particular with the meaning behind every gemstone—and you have to consider that if you’re giving the jewellery to another person.  

In Sri Lanka during the British colonisation, for example, sapphire was believed to ensure safe travel.

Perhaps the recipient is into spirituality and would love a gemstone said to have healing properties, such as amethyst and rose quartz. Learn more about the healing powers of gemstones here.

Personal Taste

If you can’t think of a particular gemstone for the recipient, how about their favourite colour? It can also be the colour associated with the occasion. A professional jewellery maker can also beautifully combine gemstones of different colours. 

“Think about the lifestyle, occupation, and culture of the person who’s going to wear the jewellery. You may pick something that is associated with your relationship or their stature in the society. I often advise clients to look for something that would spark a conversation.”, says Archer Walsman of Watches for Men.

Your  Budget

Include the cost of the gemstone, the metal piece, the complexity of the design, and the experience of the jewellery maker when calculating the budget for a bespoke piece. 

Take note that some gemstones of the same size and colour can have a substantial price difference.

It is worth investing time to research all your options and consulting an experienced jewellery designer who can provide excellent pointers.  

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